From Jeannine Montgomerie –  President Heather Gardens Optimist Club

From the time I arrived in Ottawa, I could feel the joy and enthusiasm of the participants in this year’s convention. This was the 100th Convention of Optimist International and the kickoff to launch the celebration of our 100th year. Over and over again, in workshops and the business sessions, every effort was made to recognize volunteers and provide training, project ideas and networking opportunities. I felt valued as a member of the organization and came away with more tools to continue our efforts to bring out the best in youth, our community and ourselves. Most inspiring was the Keynote Speaker, Sebastien Sasseville. His personal accomplishments are truly amazing, but over and over he emphasized that it is the mission that matters over an event.

“Leaders create a mission that is more important than individual success.”

The unabashed enthusiasm of our current Optimist International President, Nick Prillaman, Jr. is infectious as he calls us to “Be Optimist Strong – Be the Difference!” Couple that with the words of our President-Elect, Rebecca Butler Mona, who emphasized moving into the future and her theme, which will be “Promise Yourself.”

I enjoyed every chance to spend with other members of the CO/WY District. to know each other. It was a time for sharing successes and challenges, and just “hang out” and get to know each other better.

Make plans now to be part of the fun and learning next year in Louisville, Kentucky!