Colorado-Wyoming Optimist District Clubs 

Colorado/Wyoming Optimist District Clubs come in all shapes and sizes each with a distinctive personality. Our clubs work hard to identify the activities and projects that will serve the children, communities and their own members’ needs. Some clubs target the needs of the children in their immediate geographic area. Other clubs pull members from wider sections of our district to serve children through more global projects and activities. Many of the clubs in the CO/WY District focus on a few pet projects that define the group as whole. Clubs may also include smaller events that take less time but also serve kids, the community and energize the club members. All Colorado-Wyoming Optimist District clubs welcome new members, and welcome youth and community projects that new members introduce to their clubs.

Clubs in the Colorado-Wyoming Optimist District are organized into zones. Generally, this is by physical location but not always.  Many of our clubs do not claim a particular location but have many projects and goals in common with clubs in their zone. People seeking information about clubs can start by looking at clubs near their home but may find a club that fits their community service goals in another zone. The links below are designed to provide a starting place to find the club you are looking for. In addition, you may feel free to contact the zone’s assigned Lt. Governor if you need more assistance.  

Wyoming and Northern Colorado  –  Zone 1

Northeast Colorado  –  Zone 2

Mountain Areas  –  Zone 3

North Denver  –  Zone 4

South Denver  –  Zone 5 

Aurora / Southeast Denver  –  Zone 6

Southern Colorado  –  Zone 7 

Northwest Suburbs  – Zone 8