By Paul Simon

The new Colorado/Optimist District website is here, and we hope you like it.

Our goal was to make an enjoyable-looking site that serves the needs of our members and also provides valuable information to those who want to learn more about what we do. Given that Optimism is occasionally referred to as “the world’s biggest secret,” we are anxious to shed light on the wonderful people who take great pleasure and pride in bringing out the best in kids.

Using the navigation tabs near the top of the site, explore our Clubs and Programs pages to find a club near you and a program that fits your interests. The Events & Conferences tab leads into two dropdown pages, one that provides the dates and locations of our quarterly games/conferences (and will contain agendas and registration documents) and a second page listing time, dates and descriptions of district events along with some club activities as well. All events are open to everyone, Optimists and non-Optimists.

Naturally, we hope you’ll like what you see and will feel the pull to become one of us!


Don Lewis

The FAQ pages addresses commonly asked questions. Pull down the About tab for pages that describe our Mission, list our Leaders, provide links to current and past quarterly district Newsletters, and provide links to key Optimist International websites.

For years, this website was a labor of love for former district Gov. Don Lewis, a member of the Longmont Breakfast. Don certainly put in his dues, and a grateful website committee salutes him for all that he has done for the site and for the district.

There are many more like Don in Optimism. See the Optimist Creed in the video at the right side of each page on our website or download the creed by clicking on the PDF below the video and you’ll get a feel for how we try to conduct ourselves in our daily lives and in serving the mission of Optimism. Fact is, many of us consider our Optimist colleagues to be extended family members. We enjoy the company, the collaboration and the shared commitment to the kids and our communities.

This blog also is a new feature. You’ll be seeing more of these in the coming months from me and others. Your comments are welcome, as are suggested blogging topics. Actually, let’s just consider this a conversation, so add your comments below.